Kanchi Farm Box

Nature has gifted us with a variety of vegetable and fruits, different in not only taste and texture but also in its nutrient and mineral contents.
A varied diet, provides various nutrients required by our body to function properly.

We grow your Vegetables/Fruits 100% chemical free, Organically grown using our own farm inputs,thanks to Cows in our Goshala.
We do, the basic sorting and grading, so you can get your Weekly Farm Box just like you would hand pick it yourself.

Kanchi Farm Box is all about delivering Farm fresh, Tasty, Nutritious, Chemical free Vegetables / Fruits to your door step.

Combo box containing vegetables required for a family for a week.

Onion 1 Kg, Tomato 1 Kg,  Potato : 1/2 Kg
Garlic, Ginger, Green Chilli : 100gms each
Coriander, Pudhina (Mint), Curry leaves, Greens (varied each week) : 1 bunch each
(combination of exotic and local veg – Total 8) (Varied each week)
Available in sizes as below


  • Standard Box (1/4 kg of 8 veg, totalling 2 Kgs)
  •   Medium Box (1/2 kg of 8 veg, totalling 4 Kgs)
  •        Large Box (3/4 kg of 8 veg, totalling 6 Kgs)


Veg of Week :
Knol-Khol, Cucumber, Snake Gourd, Kovakkai
Ladies Finger, Brinjal, Ash Gourd, Banana Stem

Combo box containing 7 different Fruits
Selected fruits with varied nutrition and health benefits.

  • Banana (Yelakki)  1/2 Kg
  • Apple (Delicious) 1/2 Kg
  • Sweet Lime           1/2 Kg
  • Guava                    1/2 Kg
  • Custard Apple       1/2 Kg
  • Sapotta (Chikku)   1/2 Kg
  • Pomegranate         1/4 Kg

Not just Combo boxes, we have a wide range of other organic produces for you.

Amla (Goose berry)|Capsicum|Groundnut|Red Pumpkin;;
AshGourd|Carrots|Knol-Khol|Ridge Gourd;;
Banana Stem|Cauliflower|Kovakkai|Snake Gourd;;
Beans|Chow-Chow|Ladies Finger|Sundakkai;;
Beetroot|Cluster Beans|Long Beans|Sweet Potato;;
Bitter Gourd|Colacacia|Onions (Big)|Tapioca;;
Bottle Gourd|Cucumber|Onions (Small)|Tomatoes (Country);;
Brinjal|Drumstick|Potatoes|Vazhaipoo (Banana Flower);;
Broad Beans|Elephant Yam|Radish|;;
Cabbage|Green Peas|Raw Plaintain|;;


Banana (Yelakki)|Watermelon (Dark Green)|Avacado;;
Sapotta (Chikku)|Musk Melon|Passion Fruit;;
Papaya|Custard Apple;;
Sweet Lime (Mosambi)|Apple;;


Ponni Variety|Nellore Kichili Samba;;
Raw|Custard Broken;;


Toor Dhal;;
Urad Dhal;;
Green Gram;;


Cold pressed Oil extracted using Wooden Expellers|Groundnut Oil|Turmeric Powder;;
|Gingelly Oil;;
|Coconut Oil;;


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