Weekly Farm Box

Our weekly selection of Organic produces as a Combo box.
Choose your Combo from a variety of choices, based on your family requirement for a week…

Weekly Farm Boxes


Healthy, nutritious veggies need equally good ingredients….!!!
Our selection of produces grown organically not just for taste but for its health benefits too…

Organic Produces

Organically Grown

We do not spray any chemicals and upset the balance, ensuring the knights of farming (Bees, Butterflies, Wasps, Earthworms, Dragon flies and the birds that depend on them) are protected as well.

 Farm Fresh

Harvested, Graded in the farm. Selectively packed as per your order not far from the farm.
Bringing you fresh produces like you would, if you are in a neighboring village.

Direct to doorstep

Our produces reach your doorstep direct from our Farms. Delivery vehicles start from our farm early in the morning to reach you quicker with fresher produces.
Some of our delivery persons are farmers too….

Popular Products
Some of our popular produces
  • Out of Stock

    Avacado (Butter Fruit)

    (0 null - 70.00)

    Avacado (Butter Fruit) –

  • Fresh Dates

    (0.500 kgs - 160.00)

    Fresh Dates – 500 grams

  • Sapotta (Chikku)

    (0.250 kgs - 24.00)

    Sapotta (Chikku) – 250 Grams

  • Walnuts (Kernel)

    (0.250 kgs - 625.00)

    Walnuts (with Shell) – 250 Gms

Why Choose Kanchi Organic Farms

We are a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) model based , consortium of Organic Farmers

We are farmers ourselves with passion and dedication to help small scale farmers to grow organically.
We do not buy from them, but we exchange produces.

This strengthens mutual trust and helps shared farming activities.

When customers know their farmers their trust increases
When farmers know their customers their responsibility increases