About Us

Who We Are

Two friends,

One with passion about Farming and another with passion for Nature.
Started this journey with a sincere motive of growing food as nature intended (naturally), avoiding chemicals for crop nutrition or protection.
Benefiting not just mankind but also the flora and fauna around us.

Hard core IT guys, turned their passion to be their profession now.

We do not own this planet, we are temporary residents…
it is our responsibility to enhance this for our future generations…


What We Do

Farmers :
Provide a platform for small scale farmers to grow and sell organic produces.
Help them with a planned, structured way of farming to avoid surplus and reduce wastage.
Ensure they get better price for all their hard work.

Consumers :
Create an opportunity for consumers to know their producers…..
Learn how their food is being grown.

Why Choose Us?

Know your Farmer, Know your Food

Unlike a traditional business,

Kanchi Organic Farms is a family driven, passionate farming community.
Our customers are like our extended families, motivating us to provide food the way nature intended us to consume.

Convenient Shopping

Leave the hard work of grading and selecting to us
Simply choose the produces based on your requirement and place the order

We Deliver

We deliver your order, at your doorstep.
Fresh produces arriving freshly to your place

Quality Guaranteed

Quality & Authenticity guaranteed
This venture is not just about money, this is about TRUST